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What We Believe

There are no silver bullets. There are no magic email campaigns. There are no board of directors who can produce revenue year in and year out. These selling strategies, that most nonprofits cling to, are not strategies at all. They're the equivalent of the furniture store's going out of business sale--70% off, everything must go! Nobody really believes it, right?

Holman Brothers are pragmatic. The only way to achieve growth and reach goals is through proper planning, preparation and training. There are no shortcuts when it comes to driving revenue. We systemize everything because most nonprofits do not have the luxury of a fulltime sales manager. We know that senior leadership needs an easy and repeatable way to monitor and drive revenue production.

We craft solutions designed specifically to address your organization's unique challenges. If it sounds complicated, it's not. The foundation of systems management doesn't change. We integrate your organization's specific frustrations, concerns and needs to ensure your system is able to drive results today. And, that it is nimble enough to grow with you into the future.


Some of Our Accomplishments:

  • A combined 26 years at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.
  • Exceeded budget every year. And, yes, the number went up every year!
  • Provided sales training to hundreds of nonprofit professionals. 
  • Sought after content experts for sales training by trade associations across the United States.
  • Our tools, resources and systems are used across the United States and in Canada.


Some of Our Clients

  • Association of Washington Business - Washington
  • Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce - Florida
  • Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce - Tennessee
  • Edmonton Chamber of Commerce - Alberta, Canada
  • Fresno Chamber of Commerce - California
  • Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce - Florida
  • George G. Glenner Alzheimer's Family Centers, Inc. - San Diego, California
  • Henderson Chamber of Commerce - Nevada
  • Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce - Alabama
  • Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce - Arkansas
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce - California
  • Medford Jackson County Chamber of Commerce - Oregon
  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Missouri
  • Overland Park Kansas Chamber of Commerce - Kansas
  • Oxnard Chamber of Commerce - California
  • Portland Business Alliance - Oregon
  • Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce - North Carolina
  • Seattle Chamber of Commerce - Washington
  • Securing Our eCity Foundation - San Diego, California
  • St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce - Minnesota
  • Tri City Regional Chamber of Commerce - Washington
  • Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce - Oklahoma
  • Wausau Chamber of Commerce - Wisconsin
  • Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce - Pennsylvania


Where We've Spoken & Trained 

  • Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE)
  • Association of State Chamber Professionals (ASCP)
  • Florida Association of Chamber Professionals (FACP)
  • LEAD San Diego
  • Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals (MACP)
  • Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas & Oklahoma Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (MAKO)
  • Oklahoma State Chamber; CCCE Instructor
  • Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Professionals (PACP)
  • San Diego County Credit Union
  • Service Corporation International
  • Southern California Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (SCACCE)
  • Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE)
  • Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives (WCCE)
  • Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE)
  • World Trade Center, San Diego


A Little More About Bill & Doug

Bill and Doug Holman are senior level executives with decades of both nonprofit and corporate experience. They have always been accountable to a number--sales production. Selling is in their blood. Doug's very first job was selling newspapers door-to-door. The Los Angeles Times, even though he lived in San Diego. There's a bit of parochialism in San Diego, so the job was interesting to say the least. It was Doug's first encounter with sales strategy and tactics. Who knew you could put yourself through college selling newspapers.

Bill had a similar experience working at an audio & video superstore (The Federated Group for anyone who remembers the chain). He too cracked the strategy and tactics code and was a top producer month in and month out.  Bill also paid his way through school as a salesperson.

So much has changed since those early selling days some thirty plus years ago. Life is far more complicated today. Connectivity is unbelievable and somehow it is harder than ever to talk to folks. Yet, through all the innovations, revolutions, changes and miracle cures one thing has remained consistent--selling systems. Organizations that operate with a clearly defined selling system succeed. Those who amble along without a selling system will fail or have already failed. 

We'd love to hear from you! Even if it's just to run an idea past us. Let's talk.

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