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The days of simply "dialing for dollars" are long gone.

Buyer expectations are too high to merely hire sales reps and hope they will find lasting success through sheer force of will and determination. Sales reps that perform like this have to “reinvent the wheel” every time they pick up the phone. You can’t afford for your sales team to guess their way through the sales process. They need repeatable sales process to know exactly how to uncover prospect needs, provide objective advice and successfully guide them to invest in your organization.


Lack of repeatable sales process inhibits sales results and halts organizational growth.

  • Winging it, wishing and hoping wastes time and torpedoes results.
  • Inconsistent or stagnate sales process strains your ability to introduce new programing and initiatives.
  • When you don’t have process you have to guess where deals stand and hope your next move works.
  • When a star performer leaves there is no system to efficiently elevate the next salesperson to star level.
  • Without process it is difficult to diagnose where a sale went right or wrong.


Improve selling focus, direction and results with a customized Guided Selling System.

Holman Brothers will tailor a Guided Selling System that fits your organization’s unique sales strategy and goals. We will clearly define the steps and activities that your salespeople follow to guide their prospects through the sales process. Your sales reps will have clarity for which sales actions and resources they should leverage to engage prospects, uncover their needs, resolve their concerns and guide them to conversion. Your sales leader will have measurable day to day workflow and expectations for salespeople, platform to diagnose performance issues and opportunity to provide appropriate coaching and training.


Empower salespeople to consistently perform at their best!

  • Salespeople save time and energy by simply relying on the tried-and-true nature of your system.
  • Clear guidelines reduce sales anxiety and uncertainty, which leads to better results.
  • Repeating the process becomes second nature; confidence grows and performance improves.
  • Self-reliance. Reps can look to their sales process for a helpful guide on what to do next.
  • Close more deals!


Managing made easy!

  • Measurable day to day workflow and expectations for salespeople.
  • Maximize sales results of each team member to consistently achieve goals.
  • Structured platform to diagnose challenges and provide training and coaching.
  • Improved forecasting based on available metrics of each activity the sale reps perform.
  • Generate predictable, repeatable sales.
  • Eliminates reliance on star performers with faster training and ramp-up for new hires.
  • Improve productivity and results.


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