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If I could just find a producer I could focus on what really matters.

When and how do I invite an underachiever to leave?  What should I look for in a candidate?  What if I guess wrong on my next hire?  If you’re like most sales leaders, you’ve asked yourself these questions and more.  Probably more often than you’d like.

Let’s face it, some salespeople will get hired away, some salespeople won’t produce and some salespeople will stop producing.  It’s the cold reality of managing salespeople.  Perhaps you’ve dealt with the dreaded salesperson whose performance is just enough to give you false hope that they will soon hit their targets? These and other personnel instabilities are why sales leaders rank hiring and firing in their top three managerial challenges.


Productivity hangs in the balance with each hiring and firing decision.

The ramifications of holding on to an underachiever too long or making the wrong guess on your next hire can be devastating. Either way, overall productivity and results are likely to plummet as you try to remedy the problem. The mounting pressure can create a negative ripple effect. Torpedoing team moral as pressure mounts for others to pick up the slack in production.


Run an ad and let's interview some great salespeople. If only it were that easy.

Hiring the right salesperson goes much deeper than finding someone with “great” sales experience. Just because a salesperson had success with their previous employer is in no way a foolproof indicator of future success selling for your organization. In many cases, it was weak skills, poor habits and bad behaviors that hindered production leading your candidate to look for a new sales job.

Hiring can be so difficult that organizations tend to tolerate poor performance. It's done through fear of what might happen with the next hire. You’re not alone. When we ask sales leaders what they dread the most about their job, firing ranks first or second on their list. 


Are you holding salespeople accountable from day one?

We will tailor a comprehensive salesperson hiring and firing strategy designed to fit your unique culture and achieve your performance metrics. Highlights include:

  • Steps to ensure that you hire the best candidate and get him or her ramped up in 120 days.
  • Comprehensive system to track salesperson performance, hold them accountable to their numbers and accompanying procedures to either coach them up or manage them out, if necessary.
  • Full disclosure about opportunity and expectations starting with initial interview. A hiring plan that leaves nothing to chance.


Take control of your sales department, no matter how big or small.

  • Efficiently identify candidates who fit your culture.
  • Established expectations and performance plan for new hires.
  • Quickly identify sales rep and new hire challenges and implement corrective steps
  • Understand exactly when it’s time to fire underperforming salespeople.


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