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Welcome to Next Level Coaching

Read on to learn about an exclusive opportunity to join our beta test group and enjoy our Next Level Coaching program for FREE. 

Membership sales is often the loneliest job at any chamber.

Of course, membership pros are part of your chamber team, but who do they turn to for expert selling advice and guidance when they struggle? More times than not, they are left to fail or succeed entirely on their own.

Until now, professional development has been limited to one-off webinars and conferences. 

Sound familiar?  You leave a session super-excited about membership recruiting, but what typically happens next?  For most membership pros…Not much. The knowledge fades quickly without a plan to practice, reinforce and apply what you learned.

Our groundbreaking coaching framework is light years ahead of anything else available in the chamber industry.

Unlike one-off sessions that cram wide-ranging ideas into a small window without follow up, Next Level Coaching nurtures lasting proficiency by progressively delivering manageable bite-size lessons that you apply at your chamber right away.

We blend highly-interactive group coaching sessions with one-on-one mentoring opportunities to steadily deliver the relevant training and personal guidance you need to master each concept, before moving onto the next building block in the process.

Sound good so far?  Just a few helpful details and we’ll share your limited opportunity to try out our coaching program for FREE.

Are you ready to break through to the Next Level?

You’re no longer on an island trying to figure things out on your own. We become your de facto sales trainer, advisor, sounding board, mentor, and cheerleader all rolled into one!

Here’s how our interactive coaching formula helps you get to the Next Level:

LIVE Coaching Sessions

Our interactive group coaching sessions are where membership pros come together to explore fresh ideas, develop new skills and excel. The blending of like-minded professionals with diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge creates a fantastic environment for you to learn and inspire one another, achieve common goals and grow.

  • Two highly-focused, 60-minute group coaching sessions every month to learn new strategies and approaches to communicate value to your prospects and members
  • Each session features a relevant, bite-size recruiting lesson specifically designed to help you take greater control of the membership recruiting process
  • We follow with interactive Q&A and group discussion to fully comprehend the “why” and “how” of each concept
  • And we supply a plan to help you immediately apply each concept in the field before building on what you learn during our next LIVE session
  • Every session also features an open forum to share success stories or ask questions to make sure the knowledge you gain works at your chamber

Coaching Hotline

It's inevitable that you'll face hurdles or run into issues and need help in real-time. Don't worry, we have your back! You also gain exclusive access to real-time support and one-on-one mentoring to propel you forward between group coaching sessions:

  • Not sure what to do next with a challenging prospect or member?  Call the hotline and we’ll work through it together
  • Ask your burning sales questions in real-time, clarify any issues holding you back and learn solutions that work for you
  • Safe space to talk through your challenges and discover how to apply your individual strengths and talents to break through to new levels of success
  • Evaluate your approach and get expert advice preparing for important prospective member meetings
  • Debrief after critical prospective member meetings and examine what went well, identify opportunities for improvement, and define next steps

Exclusive Beta Test Group

This highly-interactive group coaching service will be available to all chambers beginning in 2022, but before we go into full on launch mode, you have the exclusive opportunity to test drive this service for FREE for three months.


Act Fast!  We only have space for 10 membership pros on a first come, first served basis. Click here to express your interest in joining our exclusive beta test group for FREE. The deadline to join is Thursday, September 30th.

Meet Your Sales Coaches

Doug and Bill Holman aren’t just membership sales consultants, we’re real live chamber guys with 20 plus years of chamber membership experience.

In our years navigating real-life recruiting and member relations challenges and opportunities, we’ve acquired the know-how to diagnose and solve member recruiting issues faster and better than anyone else.  And we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

You’ll gain supporters who truly appreciate the unique demands of chamber membership sales, and you will…

  • Continually improve,
  • Grow in confidence, and
  • Take your results to the Next Level!


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