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Holman Brothers delivers customized membership recruiting and sales management solutions that help chambers of commerce drive revenue and expand member relations.

Your membership team will quickly buy-in and remain committed because our solutions help them manage real-life recruiting and member relations challenges and opportunities.

As a result, your team continually improves, confidence grows, and your chamber achieves new levels of success.

There’s also less ramp-up time for new reps. Their skills build faster due to consistently implementing the same series of steps.

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Featured Solutions

Wondering what you can do to help your sales team achieve their goals? We offer sales solutions that are tested and proven in the chamber industry.

New Member Recruitment

Step-by-step playbook to steadily recruit businesses that are more likely to retain.

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Major Investor Acquisition

Blueprint to present your chamber’s “cause,” make it personal and inspire major investments.

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Sales Performance Management

Clear-cut strategy to coach, measure and drive peak sales performance.

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Membership Rep Hiring And Onboarding

Resources to attract and retain the right salespeople and repel the wrong ones.

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Compensation Planning

Formula to motivate membership sales that are aligned with your strategic growth goals.

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Retention & Upgrade Program

Game plan to increase retention, drive upgrades and cross-sell supplemental benefits.

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What’s In It For You?


When you equip your team with the skills and tools they need to succeed, confidence grows, and they excel.


Clear guidelines propel your sales team to focus on the right activities, improve sales effectiveness, and boost performance.

Sales Enablement

Leadership armed with meaningful data and insight to pinpoint skill gaps and provide coaching and support to overcome shortfalls.


When it’s time to expand your team, managed sales process allows you to seamlessly integrate new hires onto the same page as the rest of your team.


A confident, self-sufficient team of sales professionals fortified with the tools, principles and processes to take ownership of their selling goals.

  • For new member sales, they’ve been wonderful. From a retention perspective, they’ve probably been even better. We’re not just retaining members; we’re upselling them on sponsorship and advertising, which in years past they never considered. We’re not only getting more revenue from them, we’re better engaging them.

    Michael S. Neal
    President & CEO
    Tulsa Regional Chamber

  • Holman Brothers helped us move from where we were to where we want to be. Our membership team is more productive and their outcomes are stronger; because there’s more understanding about the “how-to” and the “why” of their work.

    Christy Gillenwater
    President & CEO
    Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Chambers are a complicated world, and it’s easy to get lost. Holman Brothers really helped us simplify and articulate our message in a much more succinct and value driven way. Our morale us up, our results are up, and who can’t be excited about a greater revenue return.

    Allison Walden
    Senior VP, Resource Development
    Tulsa Regional Chamber

  • The problem we wanted to solve was how to move members up through our tiered dues. Holman Brothers implemented a sales system that looks to the needs of our members and creates a better understanding of the full suite of services we offer. The results have been out of the park.

    Joe Unterreiner
    President & CEO
    Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

  • I’ve had the privilege to work with Bill and Doug at the Tri-City Chamber, Saint Paul Chamber, and now at the Association of Washington Business. We’re all trying to grow, have stronger more successful teams, and we need resources to accomplish our mission. That’s why it’s really easy for me to recommend Holman Brothers.

    Kris Johnson
    President & CEO
    Association of Washington Business

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July 29, 2020

Use Message Maps To Make A Better Impression On Prospects

Making calls without the benefit of a well-crafted and practiced plan leads to “I’m not interested.” And you only get one chance to make a first impression.

That’s why we believe that, done correctly, message maps can be a valuable tool to help chamber sales reps manage conversations with prospects and renewing members. 

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August 2, 2020

The New Normal For Chamber Membership Renewals

Even in the best of times, it is rare to find a chamber membership rep who looks forward to calling members about their renewal. Asking for money is simply outside the comfort zone for most people. The current environment can make you more apprehensive if you let it.

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