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The Important Difference Between Storytelling And Story Sharing
Does your Chamber get confused with being part of local government? Read more...
The Conversations You Need To Be Having With Your Membership Reps
Membership sales reps ride an emotionalrollercoaster of feelingsuccess and failure every single day. But hearing from you can help. Read more...
Are You Forgetting Something Important?
It's easy as a chamber membership rep to get very excited about the value that your chamber has to offer. Read more...
Your Best Strategy For Ensuring That New Members Stay Engaged
Watch this quick video to learn how to cut through the clutter to help you bring in new members and keep them engaged. Read more...
The Gamechanger For More Productive Member Reps
Holman Brothers has found that time and time again, membership reps who are willing to do this one thing are consistently more productive than those who don't. Read more...

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