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The Likely Reason Your Chamber Isn’t Growing Its Revenue

It’s probably a fair assumption that your chamber has a lot of structure and process built around its financials. There’s a certain way the money is managed and the books are kept.

Your CFO has a consistent way of doing things. So consistent that if they left your organization, the next person to fill the job would probably be able to easily pick up where they left off. And, you’d be certain to make sure the new hire received the training he/she needed to assume the role.

That’s with good reason. It’s important for any organization to have a sense of stability and security around the way the money is managed.

But, what about the sales side of your chamber?

Does your membership department have a consistent way of engaging prospects and moving them through the sales process? Or, are they just winging it?

Is there a structured way of doing things that remains the same regardless of staff changes? Or, do new team members come in and do their own thing?

Maybe the better question is…do you even know what’s going on back there?

So much care is given to handling the money when it arrives, we find it a bit odd that few chambers attach the same level of process and structure to those who are responsible for bringing that revenue in.

Your organization’s financial health relies heavily upon your membership department’s ability to drive revenue into the chamber. Yet the work they do is often treated by chamber leadership as a bit like magic.

You may not know (or want to know) how it’s done, you’re just happy when it gets done.

Here’s the thing. It’s not magic. It’s numbers. It’s process. It’s goals and accountability. And, if your chamber is struggling to grow its revenue, the lack of structure and process in your membership department is likely the reason why.

You (and your board) insist upon a process for financials and other aspects of your chamber’s operations. To be successful, your membership department must have it too.

Stop re-inventing the wheel and start moving forward faster by giving your membership team the structure and training they need to reach their goals and fulfill your expectations. Your bottom line is counting on it.

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