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Retention Hinges On Recruiting The Right Member

For many chambers of commerce, member retention is a struggle - particularly for first year members. It's a revolving door of sorts. As membership sales reps are bringing new members in, others are headed out the door.

With all the chamber has to offer, it's hard to understand why retention can be such a challenge.

In our experience, it boils down to a single issue. Sometimes chambers are not recruiting the right members from the start. 

Even if your chamber provides the best in member service, benefits and value, you will not see great retention rates if you are recruiting members who are not a good fit for the chamber.

Last week, Holman Brother Doug presented on this very topic at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Executives Fall Conference. 

It's information that every membership sales rep should take to heart.

Check out the slide deck below.

If you have questions, please remember, we're easy to talk to, and we're here to help.

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