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Relevant programming and initiatives aren’t enough. Today’s members expect you to anticipate and meet their needs. To stay ahead, you must foster individual relationships. You need to know why each member joined, how your chamber can help, and take action to deliver on your promise. If you fall short, members will drop.


Member Relations Enablement Playbook

Member relations enablement requires a highly focused plan of engagement. We’ll tailor your member onboarding, retention, and upgrade program to ensure your team is in lockstep with your member’s objectives. Your made–to–order plan will culminate with a permanent user–friendly playbook, loaded with content that is readily absorbed and implemented to improve member relations steadily.

Small Business Member Keep–In–Touch Plan

Chambers across the country are losing small business members at an alarming rate. Often without ever really making a connection. The solution we deliver will include a comprehensive keep–in–touch plan – with linked–steps and effective strategies to collaborate with members and keep them informed and engaged. And foster every relationship to increase lifetime value.

Major Investor Keep In Touch Plan

Major employers invest to support your chamber’s mission and make a difference in your community. Some are perfectly content knowing that they support an organization that affects positive change. Others want to get actively engaged. We’ll deliver a flexible keep in touch plan that is readily adapted to nurture meaningful relationships based on each investor’s preferences.

Major Investor Annual Review Meetings

While you may see your investors throughout the year, in–person meetings are essential to obtain individual feedback and cement relationships. We’ll provide the blueprint for conducting uniquely worthwhile review meetings. Including a detailed preparation guide, impact briefing template, high–impact questions, five phases of productive meetings, and strategies to soft–sell upgrades.

Reactivating At–Risk Members

Every chamber has member relationships that inexplicably go cold. You must act fast because members that aren’t meaningfully engaged are “at–risk” to drop. We’ll provide insight to unearth problematic patterns and strategies to diagnose and fix issues. Your team will learn to readily detect member pain–points and execute actionable steps to get relations back on track.

Upgrades and Cross–Selling

They value and trust your chamber, why not share your complete array of services? We’ll thoroughly train your team in the art of soft–selling upgrades and supplementary services (cross–selling). You’ll learn how and when to ask if a member is open to a conversation. And tactful strategies to gently suggest how a relevant upgrade or supplementary service can help them improve results.

Guidelines For Effective Email Communication

On average, businesspeople receive over 100 emails a day; and they rarely get to half of them. It’s why a phone call should be your preferred communication method on issues that matter most. Still, when done mindfully, email is a critical member relations tool. We’ll include guidelines to determine when email is the right approach and protocols to craft relevant messages.

Supplemental Strategies, Techniques, and Easy to Implement Ideas

Your made-to-order playbook will include a supplementary module jam-packed with actionable strategies, advanced techniques, and easy to implement ideas that help everyone on your team create distinctive experiences and bring members back.

Implementation and Sustainment Process

Core implementation and training are accomplished over a highly interactive two–day workshop that incorporates scenario–based learning, exercises, and role plays. We’ll also equip your team to achieve long–term results via a robust sustainment and training reinforcement strategy that ensures real–world skills adoption.

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