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We’ll arm your sales leader with advanced strategies, guidelines, and methodology to optimize sales effectiveness. Including the correct balance of performance metrics, corresponding reporting tools, and knowledge to analyze individual and team performance. The result is a highly effective leader empowered to provide the insights, resources, accountability, and coaching that your member reps need to succeed.


Membership Sales Enablement

Membership teams thrive when all the components of the sales and management process follow consistent standards and strategies. We’ll map your prospective member journey and establish measurable day–to–day workflow and expectations for your member reps. With everyone on the same page, your sales leader can manage sales progress, provide proactive coaching, and keep your team on the path to success.

Activity–Driven Management

Quota achievement is the ultimate sales measurement. But how do you measure progress and influence achievement? Our activity–driven management system will keep your membership team aware and focused on the sales activities that drive results. This level of transparency and accountability is critical because even the smallest improvements can drive significant results.

Coaching and Developing Member Reps

It simply isn't reasonable to expect your reps to deliver consistent results without guidance and support. Successful sales leaders regularly work with their team on critical skills development. We’ll empower your sales leader with the vision, behavior and specific implementation tactics to reinforce selling behaviors, help your reps hone their skills, and win more deals.

Accurate Forecasting

The last thing you should deal with at month end is unforeseen, unfavorable results. We’ll implement sales progress reports and teach your sales leader to evaluate the data to influence predictable results. These metrics also illuminate whether your team is pursuing the right prospects and clarify what critical deals may require your sales leader’s immediate assistance.

User-Friendly Asset

We’ll tailor your sales performance management plan to meet your specific goals and objectives. Your made-to-order project will culminate with a permanent user-friendly playbook, loaded with content and management tips that are readily absorbed and implemented to manage sales progress, nurture improvement, and reach new heights.

Implementation and Sustainment Process

Core implementation and training can be accomplished over a comprehensive two-day workshop or remotely at your preferred pace. Either way, these highly interactive sessions will incorporate scenario-based learning, exercises and role play. We also equip your sales leader to achieve long-term results via a robust sustainment and training reinforcement strategy that ensures real-world skills adoption.

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