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The cost of hiring or holding onto the wrong membership rep escalates quickly. When you factor in salary, benefits, and lost sales production – the hit to your bottom line can be devastating. Your chamber’s success is dependent on your sales leader’s ability to select and onboard the right candidates, help them integrate within your team, and prepare them for long-term success.


Hiring Strategies and Guidelines

We’ll implement made-to-order strategies and guidelines that provide the best opportunity to bring aboard energized, motivated membership reps – who will produce. The result is a sales leader armed with the tools, processes, and knowledge to identify and hire new reps who possess the right characteristics, experience, and mindset to succeed within your selling environment and culture.

Structured Onboarding Platform

Effective onboarding involves more than outlining what to sell. New membership reps need and deserve a structured learning platform designed to teach them how to sell for your chamber. We’ll deliver a comprehensive onboarding program that outlines how and when you should impart specific knowledge to ensure your new reps are prepared to get out there and sell.

Ramping Quota

You shouldn’t expect newly hired reps to achieve quota immediately, but you can set reasonable expectations to get them up to speed faster. We’ll identify appropriate sales activity goals to ensure that your new hires are learning and executing proven strategies that will deliver future results. And establish progressively ramped sales quotas that steadily advance your new hires to full quota achievement.

Termination Protocols

It is critically important to remove membership reps whose inferior performance, or negative attitude, drag the team down. We’ll deliver steadfast strategies to recognize performance “red–flags” and deal with the situation before it adversely impacts your entire team. Including protocols to diagnose the problem, corrective action steps, and (when necessary) procedures to terminate an underperformer.

Action Plan to Recover Lost Sales

Production goals do not go away when a membership rep leaves. You must minimize disruption for the departing rep’s prospects and avoid negative distractions within your team. We’ll provide proven strategies to make sense of what the departed rep has been doing, seamlessly maintain relations with prospects, and avoid the consequences of a protracted gap in sales production.

User-Friendly Asset

Every chamber is unique, with its own culture, procedures and distinctive challenges. Your made-to-order hiring and onboarding plan will be tailored to help you achieve your specific goals and objectives. The planning and implementation process will culminate with a permanent user-friendly playbook, loaded with content that is readily absorbed and put into action to achieve long-term success.

Planning and Implementation

We fully appreciate that the success of our partnership is directly correlated to how well we collaborate with your team. We’ll communicate with your team to understand your objectives and stay connected to provide updates and obtain your feedback. In the end, we won’t just deliver the plan; we’ll coordinate implementation sessions to review every aspect of the plan, make adjustments, and pave the way to adoption.

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