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The value of your political actions, economic initiatives, business resources, events, and any other benefit will increase exponentially when your team learns to leverage these assets to recruit and retain more members.

Does your membership team drone on about your chamber’s benefits? Or do they connect how your chamber’s assets can help solve current and prospective members’ specific problems?

Whether you need a complete overhaul to boost membership sales and retention or you’re looking to improve upon your current success – we can help. We specialize in enabling chamber sales teams to achieve new levels of sustainable, organic growth.

New Member Recruiting

We’ll empower your team with a clearly defined recruiting process with actionable steps, stages, and milestones that are universally understood and put into action. As a result, your team will continually improve, confidence will grow, and your chamber will achieve new levels of success. There’s also less ramp–up time for new membership reps. Their skills build faster due to consistently implementing the same series of steps.

  • Proven Repeatable Process
  • High–Impact Questions
  • Strategic Message Mapping
  • Voicemail and Email Optimization
  • Guiding Prospects to a Decision
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Hands–On Advice and Easy to Implement Ideas
  • User–Friendly Asset
  • Implementation and Sustainment Process

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Major Investor Acquisition

We’ll map the sales activities, stages and messaging and deliver your blueprint to guide prospective investors through the recruiting process seamlessly. Your team will learn effective strategies to uncover and emphasize the issues and outcomes that matter most for business leaders in your community. And present chamber involvement as a “cause,” make it personal and inspire major employers to invest in your long–range vision for your community.

  • User–Friendly Playbook
  • High Impact Questions
  • Investor Focused Message Maps
  • Working with Gatekeepers
  • Appointment Setting Protocols
  • Adaptive Presentation Formula
  • Monetizing Your Initiatives
  • Scalable Investment Model
  • Implementation and Sustainment Process

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High Performance Membership Sales Management

Lack of focus leads to underperformance and missed forecasts. Your sales leader must know if your membership team’s efforts are focused on actions that drive results. We’ll pinpoint the critical sales behaviors and practices that matter most to your chamber. And teach your sales leader how to track and analyze the impacts. With everyone on the same page, your sales leader can accurately diagnose challenges and provide targeted coaching to improve performance.

  • Membership Sales Enablement
  • Activity–Driven Management
  • Coaching and Developing Member Reps
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • User–Friendly Playbook
  • Implementation and Sustainment Process

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New Member Onboarding, Retention & Upgrade Program

Are your chamber’s recruiting efforts offset by the number of members that drop throughout the year? While this predicament is universal, every chamber faces diverse challenges that impact their results. We’ll develop unique, sustainable solutions to foster relationships based on the distinctive interests of your chamber’s smaller members and major investors. Including a comprehensive blueprint to increase upgrades and cross–sell resources and events.

  • Member Relations Enablement
  • Small Business and Major Investor Keep–In–Touch Plans
  • Blueprint for Successful Major Investor Review Meetings
  • Upgrade and Cross–Selling Strategies
  • Guidelines For Effective Emails
  • Supplemental Strategies & Techniques
  • Implementation and Sustainment Process

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Membership Rep Compensation Planning

Your sales compensation plan has an enormous impact on your bottom line and future growth of your chamber. Still, every chamber has varying circumstances that impact how they can and should reward membership reps. One thing is certain – comp planning should go well beyond merely trying to stimulate more sales. We’ll align membership rep comp with your goals and objectives and deliver a plan that motivates sales results that are in the best interests of your chamber.

  • Compensation and Performance Agreement
  • Performance Based Rewards
  • Meaningful Sales Goals and Performance Objectives
  • Sales Activity Benchmarks and Performance Measures
  • Ramping Sales Performance
  • Planning and Implementation Process

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Membership Rep Hiring & Onboarding

Filling an open position with the best–fit candidate takes more than hiring the applicant with the best resume or best interviewing skills. Your made–to–order hiring and onboarding plan will feature proven strategies and actions for your chamber to identify and hire candidates that are the right fit for your chamber. We’ll provide guidelines to train and ramp–up performance. And strategies to manage up, or (when necessary) manage out, underperformers in a timely manner.

  • Hiring Strategies and Guidelines
  • Structured Onboarding Platform
  • Termination Protocols
  • Action Plan to Recover Lost Sales
  • User–Friendly Playbook
  • Implementation and Sustainment Process

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