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New Member Recruiting


The number-one inhibitor to membership sales success is uncertainty. Membership reps and sales leaders aren’t always clear on the steps they should take to guide prospects through the recruiting process. Consequently, their approach lacks consistency, confidence waivers and results suffer. We’ll deliver a made-to-order member recruiting playbook that eliminates anxiety and hesitancy because everyone knows what they should be doing, every single day, to generate the most value from their efforts.


Sales Enablement

We’ll remove the guesswork so that your team can leverage the high-value activities that provide a proven path to recruit more members. We’ll map your prospective member journey and establish measurable day–to–day workflow and expectations for your member reps. And provide a clear path to uncover each prospective member’s challenges and connect how your chamber can help.

High-Impact Questions

Do your reps ask meaningful questions – or do they overwhelm prospects with information? Targeted questions help your reps personally connect with business prospects and clarify what’s important to them. The resulting exchange of ideas helps your reps isolate the membership benefits that make the most sense for each prospect’s needs.

Strategic Message Mapping

Information meant to help everyone is likely too generic to interest anyone. We’ll show you how to overcome problematic “one size fits all” messaging that is a common stumbling block for membership reps. Your chamber’s message maps will enable your team to readily nurture relevant conversations that get directly to the heart of each prospect’s individual needs.

Voicemail and Email Optimization

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to connect directly with prospects – voicemail is the reality. Thus, it's never been more critical for your reps to have an operative voicemail and email plan. Your playbook will include progressive voicemail and email strategy that’s designed to get your targeted message in front of prospects.

Guiding Prospects to a Decision

We’ll arm your reps with actionable strategies that spur positive investment decisions. They’ll learn how to demonstrate the relevant benefits that make the most sense for each prospect’s circumstances. Doing so helps prospects readily recognize how joining your chamber can help them resolve their business challenges.

Overcoming Objections

Objections arise when prospects don’t see the relevance to their situation. Our approach prevents most objections – your reps learn to connect the relevant benefits that will help resolve your prospect’s concerns. We also provide strategies to uncover why a prospect is hesitant and how to ease concerns.

Supplemental Tips, Techniques and Easy to Implement Ideas

Let’s face it, guiding prospects through the recruiting process doesn’t always go as planned. Fittingly, your made-to-order playbook will include numerous advanced tips, techniques and easy to implement ideas that help everyone involved in recruiting to sell more effectively and win more members.

User-Friendly Asset

Your membership selling plan will be tailormade to meet your specific goals and objectives. Your made–to–order member recruiting project will culminate with a permanent user-friendly playbook, loaded with content that is readily absorbed and implemented to improve performance steadily.

Implementation and Sustainment Process

Core implementation and training are accomplished over a highly interactive two-day workshop that incorporates scenario-based learning, exercises, and role play. We’ll also equip your team to achieve long-term results via a robust sustainment and training reinforcement strategy that ensures real-world skills adoption.

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