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Holman Brothers Top 7 Reasons To Utilize Prospecting Message Maps Part 2

If we had to choose a single tool that would make a chamber membership rep's job easier and his or her recruitment efforts more successful, it would be a set of prospecting message maps. Simply put, membership reps who utilize message maps during prospecting calls have more success than those who don't. 

Last week we shared three reasons why we recommend using message maps. If they weren't convincing enough, here are four more to round out our list of the top 7 reasons you should be using prospecting message maps.


The number-one inhibitor to prospecting success is uncertainty. When member reps are unsure of what to say, their approach lacks consistency, confidence waivers, and results suffer.

This is exasperated by the fact that your chamber means different things to different businesses. Smaller businesses tend to value making new business connections, enhanced visibility, and professional development opportunities. While larger employers typically value your chamber’s actions to enhance the economic and business climate.

Proven messaging for various prospective member categories eliminates anxiety and hesitancy. Everyone knows the messaging and understands the importance. And membership reps know what to say to generate the most value from their efforts.


Prospecting calls often become too much talking and not nearly enough listening. This tends to happen when reps aren’t confident about what they should be talking about. They stress over what to say next – and it becomes impossible to listen effectively. Prospecting message maps eliminate any worry over what to say next. The provided talking points empower membership reps to personally connect with business prospects. The resulting exchange brings clarity to the specific membership benefits that make the most sense for each prospect’s needs.


Effectively onboarding new membership reps requires more than outlining what to sell. New hires need and deserve a structured learning platform designed to teach them how to sell for your chamber. Prospecting message maps empower new hires with clearly defined process and actionable steps.

Their skills build faster due to consistently implementing the proven messages you provide.  As a result, your new reps continually improve, confidence grows, and your chamber achieves new levels of success.


There is a dramatic difference between knowing about something and being skilled at something. Skill at anything is developed and honed through repeating the process again and again. Great musicians play songs over and over to sound their best. The best golfers don’t change their swing every time they tee off, they master their swing to get the best results.

It’s why all the solutions that Holman Brothers deliver are based on foundational principles and models. Our chamber partners' skills grow faster because new concepts and processes build on what they have already learned.

In the end, the most compelling reason to use prospecting message maps is that it allows you to duplicate your success. Prospecting message maps offer a consistent, proven framework for every call. You naturally develop fluency and enhance your skill every time you repeat the process.  


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