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Implementing Process Yields Results In Little Rock

Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President, James Reddish, CEcD, had only been on the job for a few months before he realized his organization had a problem.The Chamber’s membership sales team had no standardized process for onboarding and retaining members.

Any resemblance of process that did exist was built on a patchwork of influence from various team members over many years. What Reddish inherited were unpredictable sales results, and an acceptance that the constant turnover of both chamber members and sales reps was unavoidable.

Having been tasked in his new job with far more responsibilities than just sales, Reddish needed a process that would help him not only manage the sales team efficiently, but also create a stable, sustainable sales program.

The Holman Brothers were able to help Reddish identify where the problems were and what types of solutions would work best for his chamber.

One important foundational issue was that Reddish did not have a background in sales team management. He needed to understand how a sales process worked, to effectively manage and help the people who would ultimately be following it.

The Holman Brothers brought Reddish up to speed, educating him on the unique aspects of a successful chamber sales approach. They also created a playbook for Reddish and his team, and provided onsite training on how to use it.

The whole process has turned the Little Rock Regional Chamber’s sales program around. Within the first few months of implementing the Holman Brothers solutions, new member sales revenue rose by 35%, and the Chamber’s month-to-month new member sales variance went from $6-7,000 down to $2-3,000.

With guidance from the Holman Brothers, Reddish is also better equipped to hire and onboard new sales reps, focusing on finding the right fit for the Chamber. And a more competitive compensation structure has greatly improved the sales team dynamic because the process allows for healthy competition without conflict.

Though the short-term improvements to the sales numbers and sales team performance are significant, Reddish believes the real value will be in the long-term. “We now have a process that will outlast personnel and will create a member base that is far more likely to renew,” says Reddish. He adds that the process that requires discipline and commitment. “It’s not a magic pill or an overnight fix. If you are willing to lead change and are interested in a comprehensive solution, then the Holman Brothers are for you.”

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