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How Major Investors Can Get A Better ROI From Chamber Membership

Major investors in chambers of commerce tend to be long-term members who understand "the big picture" benefits of chamber membership. They see value in being part of a unified effort to maintain and grow a strong local economy, and they are usually not as focused on the "bells and whistles" of membership that smaller organizations find attractive.

But that doesn't mean that they can't gain value from some of those features of membership. One of the ways major investors can see a very tangible return on their membership investment is through employee engagment.

Here are some ways you can communicate the benefits of employee engagement and encourage major investors to get their team members connected to chamber. 

Stronger Local Network

Participating in chamber functions and initiatives can generate goodwill and help build relationships with valuable contacts.  For example, knowing the right people is very helpful when an investor needs support for an important initiative.  Additionally, employees might get to know potential customers, suppliers, and colleagues, and gain an insider's perspective on local trends and preferences.

Professional Development

Attending networking events, and committee participation, can help employees develop a range of useful qualities.  They sharpen their networking skills and become more comfortable and helpful in group settings.  They can also acquire a stronger sense of responsibility and the capacity to connect with a wider range of people.

Sharper Teamwork

Some investors utilize committee participation to help employees develop a sense of teamwork. Time spent working on a committee can allow people to assume different roles, bring shy people to the fore and encourage them to work with others in a more harmonized way.

Enhanced Reputation

Getting employees more involved presents additional opportunities for major investors to enhance their business reputation with stakeholders, customers, employees, potential clients, and local business and political leaders.

Employee Morale

Allowing employees to spend time out of the workplace to attend chamber events and meetings can increase their total job satisfaction and strengthen their attachment to the investor company's workplace.  Numerous studies reveal that employees tend to value these kinds of extracurricular opportunities.

Exposure and Branding

Building relationships within the community can generate goodwill and create positive feelings and word-of-mouth recommendations that enhance marketing and branding efforts.

Augment Recruiting

Increased community involvement can create a favorable impression on potential recruits.  Recruits are attracted to businesses with happy employees that are engaged in the community.  They naturally develop positive impressions from meeting investor employees at chamber events or working with them on committees.

Though major investors may have different reasons for joining the chamber and retaining their memberships than smaller organizations, finding ways to enhance their ROI is a win-win. The result is more value for them and a stronger chamber network for everyone.

As always, we encourage you to practice these techniques, make them your own, and let us know how it goes.

Remember, we're easy to talk to.  Feel free to reach out with questions about these techniques or other issues.

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