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The Art of Persuasion is Overrated

One of the biggest myths about membership recruiting is that success is contingent on being persuasive. The reality is, that the very best membership representatives are far better listeners than they are persuaders. In fact, “persuaders” typically struggle to recruit members because their approach isn’t prospect-centric.  


Common practice for a persuader is what we call “feature dumping.” It’s when a misguided membership representative tries to cajole a prospect into investing by droning on and on about the features of membership without ever uncovering what the prospect actually needs.

It’s one of the worst mistakes a membership representative can make. It’s ineffective, and a waste of your recruiting energy.


The most fundamental question that a prospect has in regard to chamber membership is “What’s in it for me?” Until you ask them probing questions and find out what they need, you will not be able to answer that question and present them with a compelling recommendation for membership.

Being prospect-centric has never been more important. Yes, it takes time. But the time you spend will be more likely to deliver results. Failing to go to the effort and take the time to uncover a prospect’s needs derails the recruiting process and will ultimately lead to a lot of dead ends.

Chamber membership recruitment is challenging enough, especially in the current environment. Don’t make it more difficult by trying to guess, or assuming you know what might earn a prospect’s investment.

We encourage you to try this technique and let us know how it goes. Remember, we’re easy to talk to, and we want to help.

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