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Fed up with generic sales webinars that don’t address the specific challenges you face as a chamber sales professional?

Holman Brothers invites you to experience our series of monthly training webinars just for chamber membership professionals.

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Our webinar series gives you knowledge, insights, and actionable steps, specifically designed for chamber membership professionals.

Discover just-in-time recruitment strategies and resources.

Learn how to address the real-world challenges you face daily.

Receive practical information and actionable steps to increase your productivity.

Enhance your recruiting skillset, competency and fluency.

Apply methods and lessons immediately to improve your results.

Why choose Holman Brothers webinars?

  • We have a track record of successfully serving chambers all over the country.
  • Every session based on our hands-on experience recruiting new members, managing teams and overcoming challenges.

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Choose our webinars if:

  • You’re a chamber membership sales professional
  • You want a deeper understanding of the challenges of membership recruiting
  • You want to improve your individual performance
  • You’re looking for ways to coach your team to achieve better results
  • You’re an executive seeking to grow your chamber

Our recent webinars include:

The Ultimate Guide to Member Recruiting Voicemails
With over 75% of recruiting calls going to voicemail, we showed attendees how to compel their prospects to call back.

How to Maintain Control of the Recruiting Process
Attendees learned proven solutions you need to overcome recruiting obstacles and maintain control of the recruiting process.

Don’t miss this month’s 1-hour webinar:

Prospective Members Appointment Setting Skills

Don’t sabotage your chances with the wrong approach to prospecting. The primary objective of prospecting is to establish enough interest to get on your prospect’s calendar – that’s it. But getting them over that initial hump requires a proven approach.

Zoom with the Holman Brothers and discover our proven approach to seamlessly grab interest and motivate prospective members to schedule that all-important first appointment!

What you’ll learn:

When you focus on generating more appointment today, you’ll have a far more productive recruiting journey tomorrow. Register now!

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About Doug and Bill Holman

We aren’t just sales consultants, we’re real live chamber guys with 20 plus years of chamber leadership experience.

In our years of building memberships and managing teams, we’ve acquired the know-how to diagnose and solve member recruiting issues faster and better than anyone else. And we’re ready to put that knowledge to work to help you grow your chamber membership.

We help manage real-life recruiting and member relations challenges and opportunities, enabling individuals and teams to:

  • Continually improve,
  • Grow in confidence, and
  • Achieve new levels of success!

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