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Extraordinary Session At ACCE - Sharing The Content With You

We had the opportunity to moderate a session at the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executive Convention in Long Beach with three of our client chambers. The focus was on Recruiting Transformational Investors.

CEOs from three powerhouse chambers - Christy Gillenwater, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, Mike Neal, Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Kristofer Johnson, the Association of Washington Business, walked the audience through their steps for recruiting large chamber investors that have the potential to make a big difference in the financial stability of your chamber and the strength of your organization's programs.

It was an unprecedented peek into the inner workings of three very successful chamber member recruitment operations. 

The content was so insightful; we thought it was worth sharing.

Take a look at the slide deck below. If you have questions, please remember, we're easy to talk to, and we're here to help.


ACCE Membership Session Cropped.png





Share: https://www.holmanbros.com/insights/Blog4/Extraordinary-Session-At-ACCE--Sharing-The-Content-With-You

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