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Recruiting Notes: What To Capture & What To Do With It

In last week’s Insights post, Jot This Down: Recruiting Notes are Important, we outlined Holman Brothers top six reasons why we think recruiting notes should become a fundamental component of your recruiting process.

Many things can happen when you don’t keep track of your prospects –– and they’re all bad. The most obvious is you’ll risk the opportunity to build relationships and lose potential new member sales if you can’t keep up with all your prospects.

Of course, this begs questions as to exactly what information membership pros should capture. Here are our top tips for taking effective recruiting notes.

1. Key Contact Observations

Does your contact have a nickname? Is your prospect formal or casual? A storyteller?  Humorous or a bit more serious? You get the point. Make a note of anything that will help during future conversations and communications. Be sure to also jot down anyone else whose name and/or role with the organization comes up. Anything you learn about your main contact and possible contacts is essential to your success.

2. Focus on Critical Insights

The aim is to summarize all the important points covered during every phone call or meeting. Make note of your prospect’s circumstances. Listen and jot down specific topics, issues or challenges that seem to be of interest. These are the nuggets that you will use to formulate your recruiting plan and prepare for your next call.

3. Actionable Commitments

It typically takes 3 – 5 conversations to close a new member. Even more for major investors. So, your follow-up game has to be on point. Did you promise to forward information? Is there a question that you need to research and follow up on? Do you need to prepare a proposal? When are you supposed to connect next? Make note of every actionable task as a reminder to get them done –– and follow through.

4. Post-Call Observations

You should always add observations to your notes after calls and meetings. Perhaps there is a question you should ask during your next conversation. Did your contact mention a work project or personal milestone that you can bring up next time? Notate any relevant thoughts and ideas that will make your future communications more worthwhile.

5. Add Your Notes to the Database Right Away

The ability to easily access your notes is just as important as taking the notes in the first place. The role of your database is to make sure everything is there when you need it.  Make it a habit to immediately transfer your recruiting notes to your chamber database after every call. Your database will likely allow you to schedule your follow-up commitments, as well. Having the information at your fingertips saves time and puts you in a better position to succeed during future calls and meetings.

You need to have rapport with all your prospects and staying organized is the only way to make sure each relationship grows. If you don’t take good recruiting notes, you won’t retain important information, and it WILL cause problems down the road. Still, this doesn’t mean you need precise transcripts of everything said during every call and meeting. You simply want an accurate summary of the most critical information. Use our note-taking practices to remain mindful of the critical information you need.  Over time, you will improve your note-taking skill and become very efficient in discerning what you need to succeed.

If you have questions about taking recruiting notes or other membership recruitment and retention issues, get in touch. We’re easy to talk to, and we want to help.

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