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Membership Sales Myth - All I Need Is A Great Salesperson

One common misconception we see with chamber executives is that all of their membership revenue challenges will be solved if they can simply find a great salesperson to fill the role of membership rep.

Certainly, it could benefit your chamber’s bottom line to have an experienced sales rep on your team. You'll likely be in great shape as long as they stick around. But what happens if they leave your chamber for another opportunity?

You will be forced to start over again, finding and training a new person to fill the void that your superstar left.

Let’s face it. You cannot count on any member of your staff to stay at your chamber forever. At some point, a greener pasture will lure them away. What you can count on is process.

That’s why we preach that it is much more important to prioritize implementing a proven recruiting process than it is to try to hire the perfect salesperson to fill your membership rep role.

A repeatable recruiting process will keep your membership recruiting efforts on track no matter what turnover takes place on your team. With a solid structure in place, membership reps can be trained and coached to success.

At Holman Brothers Membership Sales Solutions, that’s what we do. We help our chamber partners institutionalize our proven membership recruiting system, where everyone responsible for membership recruitment follows the same process and the same steps to success.

When your membership sales superstar leaves, you can easily set your new rep up for superstar status, by plugging them in to our proven step-by-step membership recruiting system. Our system gets them quickly on track for chamber sales success, builds their confidence and makes it easy for managers to track progress and spot pitfalls before they become serious problems.

If you would like to know more about our membership sales solutions, get in touch. We’re chamber guys. We’re easy to talk to, and we want to help.

Listen in on Holman Brother Doug speak to this issue on a recent episode of the Chamber Chat Podcast.



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