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Can You Send Me Information?

Member prospects sometimes ask, “Can you send me information?” The reasons for asking range from really wanting information to make an informed decision all the way to doing what they can to get off the phone. Frankly, the number of possible reasons are too vast to attempt a complete list.

When a prospect asks for information, Holman Brothers’ process aims to extend the call long enough to uncover the prospect’s motives. Utilize the steps below to uncover which information is appropriate and relevant, the prospect’s plans for the information, and to schedule a follow-up call. Otherwise, emailing arbitrary information is a waste of everyone’s time.


Prospect: It all sounds good. Can you send me some information?

Member Rep: Absolutely, I’m thankful that you want to learn more. Would you mind helping me narrow down what you hope to learn?

Prospect: I’m not sure I understand.

Member Rep: With over 100 events and programs each year, economic priorities, public policy, and other resources, we have a lot of information. Of course, not everything we do is of interest to everyone. Would you mind if I learned a little bit more about you and your company? This way I can provide what you need without overwhelming your inbox with unnecessary filler.


Merely sending information and hoping something comes of it is not a strategy. Aim to schedule a follow-up call to answer questions. Asking for the follow-up call helps determine whether the prospect is serious about membership or merely trying to get off the call.

Member Rep: One last thing. I’m wondering, what do you see as the next step after I send the information?

Prospect: I’ll look it over and be in touch.

Member Rep: Sounds good. Would you mind walking me through the review process on your end? Prospects will typically outline their plan or effort to end the call.

Prospect: Oh sure, I’ll share the information with my partner, we’ll chat about it, and I’ll give you a call next week.

Member Rep: That makes sense. I’m guessing after the meeting with your partner there will be some questions for me. I’ll probably have some questions for you, as well. Typically, we handle this in a phone call to determine if the chamber is the right fit or not. Is this your expectation as well?

Prospect: Yes. Member Rep: Should your partner be involved in this call?

Prospect: May reply yes, no, or maybe.

Member Rep: While I have you, let’s go ahead and schedule the call right now?

Prospect: Okay.

Schedule the call and send the information. Be sure to reiterate when you will call to follow-up. When a prospect pushes back on scheduling a date, you know that the opportunity isn’t hot. Send the information and follow in a week. Be prepared to close the file without making too many attempts to reconnect.


Ask questions and guide the prospect through the membership decision process. As always, we encourage you to practice this technique, make it your own, and let us know how it goes. Remember, we’re easy to talk to. Feel free to reach out with questions about this technique or other issues.

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